The AQUAPRINT CELL range of dispersions is available in a wide range of formulations to answer the issues of paper making.

Products are available as standard materials or more often as customised dispersions to enhance performance in the customer’s specific circumstances.  With the complex regulatory framework in place for Food Contact and the growing number of environmental and consumer considerations, TTC works with individual producers to customise cost effective compliant materials to answer their needs.

Some others are also available as cationic versions: G7,  Bk7,  B15.0,  B15.3,  R122,  Y1,  Y83.

Paper Applications:

White Enhancement  - Pulp & Coating
A range of products are available for use with OBAs to increase whiteness levels

High Quality Consumer packaging - Pulp & Coating
Full colour range of high strength bright pigment dispersions for high quality lightfast papers

Decor papers for laminates - Pulp & Printing Inks
High strength, low foam colours for laminate papers and the inks used for pattern printing

Non-Woven Products
A range of colours for all non-wovens:  medical, cleaning, shoe inserts etc… 

Products are available to comply with the following Government and Consumer requirements:

XXXVI Paper and board for food contact

21 CFR 176 - 170 and 180 components of paper and paperboard in contact with aqueous and fatty foods

GB 9685-2016
Chinese Hygiene Standard for Food Containers & Packaging

Consumer Compliance

• Nordic Swan
• Eco label/Flower
• Blue Angel


Additional Information
For the past 20 years we have been manufacturing pigment dispersions, for décor paper & tints for white paper. Our pigment dispersions will give more durable, permanent colour than C.I. Direct dyes.

We frequently consolidate our customer requirements by offering a product that can replace more than one of their existing products. For white paper, customers might be using fixed ratio blue/violet blends. We can prepare single products which contain the components they require, in the correct ratios.

Many paper mills have experienced enhanced quality when switching to Aquaprint Cell as our formulations leaves no residue on equipment.

Our chemists have developed formulations for pigment dispersions for paper, the traditional type is non-foaming.

Our range of Aquaprint Cell, and most bespoke colours, can be formulated to comply with BfR XXXVI (‘Board and paperboard for food contact’) and FDA 176.170/180 (‘Components of board and paperboard in contact with aqueous and fatty food / dry foods’).

We have considerable experience in making constant-viscosity formulations. An irreversible viscosity increase is often a sign of an unstable dispersion.

We can prepare custom blended shades and strengths, we also provide a fantastic product-matching service.

The products can be made as low viscosity liquids to aid pumping and minimise waste resulting from residual product left in lines; we can also make higher viscosity products to minimise splashing if the product is poured.

Our in-house chemists monitor every batch we manufacture using our ‘multi-step quality control procedure’. We shade-match at multiple depths against internal standards to Delta E (cmc) < 0.5 typically.

The traditional formulation type for paper tinting is anionic. We also make non-ionic types, using blue and violet pigments. Cationic types not normally used in the industry may be of interest to users aiming to minimise backwater colouring. This type imparts the pigment with an extremely high affinity for paper fibres.

All colours displayed are for illustrative purposes only and are not suitable for colour matching

C.I. PY1.png

C.I. PY1
(Yellow PG)

C.I. Y14(O).jpg

C.I. Y14(O)
(Yellow PG2)

C.I. PY97.jpg

C.I. PY97
(Yellow P-FL))

C.I. PY83.jpg

C.I. PY83
(Yellow PR)

C.I. PY42.jpg

C.I. PY42
(Yellow PF)

C.I. PO34.jpg

C.I. PO34
(Orange PO)

C.I. PR2.jpg

C.I. PR2
(Scarlet PR)

C.I. PR112.jpg

C.I. PR112
(Scarlet PG)

C.I. PR146.jpg

C.I. PR146
(Red BBCH)

C.I. PR184.jpg

C.I. PR184
(Rubine PD)

C.I. PR81.3.jpg

C.I. PR81.3
(Magenta P)

C.I. PV10.jpg

C.I. PV10
(Pink 3B)

C.I. PR122.jpg

C.I. PR122
(Fuchsia DB)

C.I. PV23.jpg

C.I. PV23
(Violet PB)

Violet PV3.jpg

C.I. PV3
(Violet PM)

C.I. PV19(B).jpg

C.I. PV19(B)
(Violet D3B)

Violet Blend.jpg

(Violet RVB)

C.I. PB5.0.jpg

C.I. PB15.0
(Blue PB)

C.I. PB15.3.jpg

C.I. PB15.3
(Blue P3G)

Navy Blend.jpg

(Blue Navy)

C.I. PG- 7.jpg

C.I. PG-7
(Green PG-7T)

C.I. PB-7.jpg

C.I. PB-7
(Black C-2T)