TTC represent the well-known and regarded nitrocellulose manufacturer Hagedorn NC in the UK and Ireland as distributor/agent.   An extensive range of products is available for alcohol and ester applications.  Applications include packaging inks, flexographic and rotogravure, whiteboard, foil, film, plastic, PVC etc.

Hagedorn NC is available wetted in ethanol, isopropanol, butanol and water.

For more than 100 years nitrocellulose has been an established binding agent for lacquers and printing inks. It is an approved product made of renewable raw materials.

The wide range of Hagedorn Nitrocellulose types makes it possible to meet nearly every demand.

Hagedorn Nitrocellulose combines:

• Fast drying
• Re-growing raw materials: uncritical use in the food industry
• Accentuation of  the grain for wood lacquers
• Excellent film formation: high-transparent, high-glossy films
• An overall good lightfastness
• Resistance: high mechanical stability even in thin layers


Declaration of Conformity to Regulation 1907/2006/EC (REACH) for Hacocell and Hacoplast

Our Hacocell and Hacoplast products are mixtures of nitrocellulose with different damping agents or plasticizers. Nitrocellulose is not subject to registration according to REACH, because nitrocellulose is a derivative of a natural polymer. The damping agents and plasticizers of our Hacocell and Hacoplast products have been fully registered according to REACH by our suppliers.

Our Hacocell and Hacoplast products do not contain:
-  substances of very high concern (SHVC ) in a concentration above 0,1%,
-  substances that are restricted corresponding to Annex XVII,
-  substances that are subject to authorization corresponding to Annex XIV.

We proactively supply our customers the most recent Safety Data Sheet according to article 31 of Regulation No. 1907/2006/EC.