The AQUAPRINT FLEX dispersions are a range of fine aqueous pigment dispersion ideal for most aqueous ink systems especially flexography.

We offer a full range of products including the common industry standard for Process sets as well as speciality spot colours such as Red 146, Red 170, Red 184 and Red 254.

The Flex range is available in two versions - water based ammonia (NH) and fixed alkali (FA) stabilised acrylic resin concentrates.


  • High flocculation resistance

  • High Gloss

  • Excellent resistance to settlement

  • Excellent lightfastness

  • APEO (Alkyl Phenyl Ethoxylate) free

  • Formaldehyde free

The colours exhibited are our standard products but many others are available.  Additionally if special shades, concentrations or blends are needed, please contact us.


All colours displayed are for illustrative purposes only and are not suitable for colour matching


C.I. TiO2

Yellow 3.jpg

Yellow 3
(Yellow 10G)

C.I. Yellow 1.jpg

C.I. Yellow 1
(Yellow G)

C.I. Yellow 74.jpg

C.I. Yellow 74 trans
(Yellow 5GT)

C.I. Yellow 74.jpg

C.I. Yellow 74
(Yellow 6G)

C.I. Yellow 74.jpg

C.I. Yellow 74 opaq
(Yellow 5GO)

C.I. Yellow 110.jpg

C.I.Yellow 110
(Yellow HPP)

C.I. Yellow 155.jpg

C.I.Yellow 155
(Yellow HPP)

C.I. Yellow 42.jpg

C.I.Yellow 42
(Yellow Oxide)

C.I. Yellow 83.jpg

C.I.Yellow 83
(Yellow R)

C.I. Orange 5.jpg

C.I.Orange 5
(Orange R)

C.I. Orange 43.jpg

C.I.Orange 43
(Orange G)

C.I. Orange 34.jpg

C.I.Orange 34
(Orange O)

C.I. Red 2.jpg

C.I.Red 2
(Scarlet R)

C.I. Red 112.jpg

C.I. Red 112
(Red G)

C.I. Red 146.jpg

C.I. Red 146
(Red 3B)

C.I. Red 170.jpg

C.I. Red 170
(Red 5R)

C.I. Red 254.jpg

C.I. Red 254
(Red HPP)

C.I. Red 101.jpg

C.I. Red 101
(Red Oxide)

C.I. Violet 19.jpg

C.I. Violet 19 yellow
(Pink 3B)

C.I. Red 122.jpg

C.I. Red 122
(Fuchsia B)

C.I. Red 12.jpg

C.I. Red 12

C.I. Blue 15.3.jpg

C.I. Blue 15.3
(Blue 3G)

C.I. Blue 60.jpg

C.I. Blue 60
(Ozone Stable Blue)

C.I. Blue 15.0.jpg

C.I. Blue 15.0
(Blue B)

C.I. Green 7.jpg

C.I. Green 7
(Green G)

C.I. Violet 23.jpg

C.I. Violet 23
(Violet B)

C.I. Black 7.jpg

C.I. Black 7