The AQUAPRINT TINT dispersions are a range of fine aqueous ‘binder free’ pigment dispersions ideal for most aqueous and decorative paint systems which comply with European legislation.

Tennants offers a full range of products including common industry standards as well as many specialist colours and HPP products.

The AQUAPRINT TINT range offers

High levels of flocculation resistance in aqueous interior paint systems
Good resistance to settlement
Excellent Lightfastness
VOC Free (1)
Ecolabel compliant for SVOC content (2)
APEO (Alkyl Phenyl Ethoxylate) free
Formaldehyde Free
Toy regulation compliant products available, EN71.3, EN71.7

The colours exhibited are our core products but many more are available.

Additionally if special shades, concentrations or blends are needed please contact us.

This information is furnished without warranty as the performance of the finished coating is a function of many variables outside our control.  Samples of AQUAPRINT TINT dispersions are available for customer evaluation.

1)  The term VOC is defined in EU Ecolabel.
2)  SVOC content complies with the EU Ecolabel if used at less than 30% of the finished coating.


All colours displayed are for illustrative purposes only and are not suitable for colour matching

C.I. Ti02.jpg

C.I. TiO2

C.I. Yellow 17.jpg

C.I. Yellow 3
(Yellow 10G)

C.I. Yellow 1.jpg

C.I. Yellow 1
(Yellow G)

C.I. Yellow 74.jpg

C.I. Yellow 74 Trans.
(Yellow 5GT)

C.I. Yellow 74.jpg

C.I. Yellow 74
(Yellow 6G)

C.I. Yellow 74.jpg

C.I. Yellow 74 Opaque
(Yellow 5GO)

C.I. Yellow 110.jpg

C.I. Yellow 110
(Yellow HPP)

C.I. Yellow 155.jpg

C.I. Yellow 155
(Yellow HPP)


C.I. Yellow 42
(Yellow Oxide)

C.I. Yellow 83.jpg

C.I. Yellow 83
(Yellow R)

C.I. Orange 5.jpg

C.I. Orange 5
(Orange R)

C.I. Orange 43.jpg

C.I. Orange 43
(Orange R)

C.I. Orange 34.jpg

C.I. Orange 34
(Orange O)

C.I. Red 2.jpg

C.I. Red 2
(Scarlet R)

C.I. Red 112.jpg

C.I. Red 112
(Scarlet G)

C.I. Red 146.jpg

C.I. Red 146
(Red 3B)

C.I. Red 170.jpg

C.I. Red 170
(Red 5R)

C.I. Red 254.jpg

C.I. Red 254
(Red HPP)

C.I. Red 101.jpg

C.I. Red 101
(Red Oxide)

C.I. Violet 19.jpg

C.I. Violet 19 Yellow
(Pink 3B)

C.I. Red 122.jpg

C.I. Red 122
(Fuchsia B)

C.I. Red 12.jpg

C.I. Red 12

C.I. Blue 15.3.jpg

Blue 15.3
(Blue 3G)

C.I. Blue 60.jpg

C.I. Blue 60
(Ozone Stable Blue)

C.I. Blue 15.0.jpg

C.I. Blue 15
(Blue B)

C.I. Green 7.jpg

C.I. Green 7
(Green G)

C.I. Violet 23.jpg

C.I. Violet 23
(Violet B)

C.I. Black 7.jpg

Black 7