This range of dispersions is formulated to give maximum compatibility across a variety of solvent systems and allow customers the opportunity to develop a cost effective formulation with excellent performance without the need to carry inventory of different colorant ranges.

Based on an Aldehyde resin system and viscosity controlled these colorants are compatible with:

• CAB resins
• Chlorinated rubber
• VC copolymers
• Acrylic resins
• Urea and Melamine formaldehyde resins
• Alkyd resins
• Epoxy resins
• Hydrocarbon resins

All of these dispersions exhibit:

• Excellent storage stability
• Low viscosity
• Excellent compatibility

The colours exhibited are our standard products but many others are available.  Additionally if special shades, concentrations or blends are needed, please contact us.

Universal dispersions can be a made in almost ANY requested pigment Colour Index Number.


All colours displayed are for illustrative purposes only and are not suitable for colour matching

C.I. Yellow 74.jpg

C.I. Yellow 74

C.I. Yellow 34.jpg

C.I. Yellow 34

C.I. Yellow 83.jpg

C.I. Yellow 83

C.I. Yellow 151.jpg

C.I. Blue 151

C.I. Yellow 42.jpg

C.I. Yellow 42

C.I. Orange 13.jpg

C.I. Orange 13

C.I. Red 112.jpg

C.I. Red 112

Red 48.4.jpg

C.I. Red 48.4

C.I. Red 101.jpg

C.I. Red 101

C.I. Red 170.jpg

C.I. Red 170

C.I. Red 122

C.I. Violet 23.jpg

C.I. Violet 23

C.I. Blue 15.3.jpg

C.I. Blue 15.3

C.I. Blue 15.1.jpg

C.I. Blue 15.1

C.I. Green 7.jpg

C.I. Green 7

C.I. Black 7.jpg

C.I. Black 7

White 6.jpg

C.I. White 6